Let Us Conduct the Groundwork for Concrete Evidence

Sweep Stakes Unlimited comprises professional private investigators available to serve you throughout the I-25 Corridor. Our mission is to present you with the most relevant, up-to-date, and crucial court documents. We're always listening to your input and working hard every day to enhance our services.

Knocking On Doors

Process Serving Services We Offer

• General services
• Summons, complaint, and answer
• Pattern interrogatories
• Contempt of court
• Forcible entry and detainer
• Writ of continuing garnishment
• Writ of garnishment
• Divorce papers

Investigation Services Specializing In

• Missing persons
• Background checks
• Person search
• Skip traces
• Insurance fraud
• Scams
• Workman's compensation
• Corporate investigations
• DMV searches
• Surveillance
• Tracking
• Counter electronic surveillance


Client Support

At Sweep Stakes Unlimited, client satisfaction is paramount to us. We take pride in having responsive, helpful representatives. Our team is enthusiastic about helping our customers make the most of our services. Please reach us for additional support regarding our services.